Oh Hey, I'm Alexes

Born and raised in Southern California, at 21 I moved to Colorado to finish my undergrad. Graduating from the University of Colorado with a Major in Communications and a Minor in Legal Studies, I spent my post college years working as a Litigative Consultant for the Federal Government, then as a legal assistant for a private firm. In 2015, my husband and I moved back to California to start our family.

Growing up I was continually exposed to some form of art. Whether it was singing, dancing, playing an instrument or another creative outlet, photography always had my eye. I was always afraid to go after it, but it wasn't until my son was born that a wise woman told me, "Sometimes, in life, you have to take a risk and do things that make you happy." So, here I am, taking a risk and doing something that makes me happy. I only hope that one day, my son does the same thing.

Let's capture all the goodies. Start to finish. 

this is your day